“Mr. BVDS Sai Pavan Kumar is a young Researcher in Business Management, Educational Studies and its sub-domains, He is currently pursuing his management studies at Amity Global business school Hyderabad . He is also serving as Ambassador of Management and strategy Institute , Besides Specializing in Human Resource Management, Economics and Behavioural Sciences. Mr. Sai Pavan Kumar is member of many international professional organizations, Life Member of the Society for Environment and Sustainable Development. Hon. Fellow member of the International Institute of Organized Research, Green Thinker Z. He served as the organizer of several conferences. He has participated in many national and international conferences and has won Best Presenter Award at many conferences. He has authored over 25 research papers published in nationally and internationally renowned management journals such as the Journals listed in Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and has contributed various chapters to the majority of bestseller books.

Sai Pavan Kumar is a leading speaker on various digital platforms such as BRATS, served as keynote speaker at the World Edu Conclave 2021, with a thorough knowledge of policy and strategy development, project management, staff and user training and policy implementation. He is a passionate writer who loved to share his knowledge with the world, finding peace by stitching the words hope and faith about life. He is a hardworking and determined person, his conceptual knowledge of management and changing technologies around the world is amazing. Though young at age , his contributions to the field of research and writings is honoured by various prestigious awards such as International Author award , International Young aspirant award , National Distinguished Young researcher award , Independent Indian icon award and many other prestigious awards.

Sri Sai Pavan Kumar has a great positive aura, he radiates warmth, brings smiles into the lives of others, he is a true inspiration to many teenagers and youth of this generation .”

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