Received her Degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2021 from Agni College of Technology,
Affiliated to Anna university in chennai district of Tamil Nadu.

It is very pleased to honor this high society International Research Award
under the title, “”Research Vibhushan Award””

Her field of study is Computer science and Engineering and research area is Online based aadhar notification system,
Which has been developed to send the notification for each citizen about the each and every identification documents and schemes which are provided by the government.

The Research motto is that identification documents and schemes need to be with every citizen, so that every person can get all the needs in life.

Area of interest in social activities.
So then, Each and every citizen of India must receive all the rights,needs and offers provided by the government of India.

About her skills,
Along with her academics she participated in multiple online webinars and quiz competitions.
She is Interested in Gaining knowledge about different things and
She is technically sound and good at Communication and interpersonal skills.”

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