“M.A. First Class First (Gold-Medalist), Ranchi University, Ranchi.
UGC- NET (JRF Rank), WBCSC (SET) & JPSC (JET) Qualified.
Ph.D. (UGC- New Regulations, 2009), Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
Awarded “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” by India International Friendship Society (IIFS), New Delhi on 9th April, 2021.
Awarded ISSN-“Research Vibhushan Award” accredited by World Research Council in July, 2021.
Co- Investigator (UGC- Major Research Project)
I have attended the International Conferences (Foreign) on Language, Literature & Linguistics
Dhaka University, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo (Japan)
Barcelona University, Barcelona (Spain)
I applied for the UGC- Travel Grant (Tokyo Conference) which was accorded to me by the UGC subsequently on the strength of “Recommended Proposals”.
Under my supervision, there are 04 candidates registered in Ranchi University for Ph.D. degree. Two candidates had successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in a viva-voce examination.
I have been included by the Dept. of English at Vidyasagar University (WB), as a Resource Person for the field of Linguistic Research, under the UGC- STRIDE Scheme, to pursue and promote the project Goals of Anthropological Linguistics.
I have been appointed as a Co-editor of “Janajati Darpan”, an international multi-lingual series on indigenous studies, based on Linguistic Research Journal on Tribals & Dalits of India. Published from Kolkata.
I am a member, advisory board, “Ebong Mohua”, a UGC- Care List Research Journal.
At UGC- HRDC of Ranchi University, I had worked as a Course Coordinator of Two Refresher Courses on “Linguistics”, viz. – I) from 06.08.2018 to 26.08.2018, & II) from 23.07.2019 to 05.08.2019, and had successfully conducted both of these Refreshers, and completed the responsibilities assigned to me by the HRDC, and had invited National-Level Resource Persons to address the Participants of these Courses.
I have also delivered a total of 05 lectures on “Linguistics” refresher courses as a resource person in 2016, 2018 and in 2019 at UGC- HRDC of Ranchi University.
Likewise, my articles on different topics of Language, Literature & Linguistics are published in various peer review, ISSN, research journals, patronized by Colleges and Universities of India, and also by literary forums, and these may exceed 75 in number, tentatively, so far.
I have successfully completed three NPTEL courses offered by SWAYAM, Govt. of India (submitted all assignments with an average of 90% accuracy, final examination is cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak).”

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