Dr. Mohammad Habibur Rahman Khan

“I have beein working as a Psychologist in Bangladesh Navy since 2002. I have done MS in psychology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and PhD from the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia. I am a lecturer, assessor and researcher. Primarily responsible for selecting the candidate for Bangladesh Armed Forces. Area of Interests are Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Sleep-cognition Study and Social Psychology. Special work and research activity on Sleep-cognition link and Standardization of Psychological Tests. Published articles in national and international journals (SCIRP, RJPT, IMJ). Attended seminars, conference and workshops home and abroad. Became member of Bangladesh Psychometric Society; Social Psychology Network, Wesleyan University, USA; International Society for Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection, USA; and Bangladesh Psychological Association. Involved in social activities like blood donation, posthumous eye donation and group charity work. Awarded in golfing, winner-Bangladesh Navy Golf Tournament, 2020; Malaysian National Golf Academy Award, 2016. Worked as a UN peacekeeper in MINURSO and awarded UN Peace Keeping Outstanding Merit in 2011. Lovesome of reading, golfing and travelling. Married to banker and blessed with a daughter and a son, both are students in high school.
My contact: +8801558664464, Email: mhrkhan40@gmail.com, Web: www.socialpsychology.org/member/mohammad-khan”

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