Dr Neal Ratan Agarwala

“Dr.Neal Ratan Agarwala has been nominated for Padma Shri Award, he is honored with ‘The International Best Researcher Award’ by the ‘International ISSN Awards’ and is also honored with The ‘Certified Researcher in ‘Homeopathic Treatment Protocol for Coronavirus’ by ‘Research Bureau Veritas’ for his successfully published research manuscript on ‘The Homeopathic Treatment Protocol for Coronavirus’ in ‘The International Journal Of Advanced Research, Ideas And Innovations In Technology’. His further research work on “”Homeopathic Treatment Protocol For Corona Virus”” is also published Internationally in The ‘International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and Management’. He has been honored with an ‘Excellence Award’ for ‘COVID-19 Awareness & Social Welfare’ by ‘World Federation of Homeopathy’.
As a philanthropist and benevolent doctor Dr. Neal Ratan has been helping and treating many people to come out of their suffering from many critical diseases and gifting them healthy lives. He is researching on treatment protocols using the active ingredients of herbs according to homeopathic principles. He is the third generation in a family of prominent homeopaths. He is practicing modern homeopathy since 2005.Today, his research is not limited to any one country but it is being appreciated internationally.
Dr Neal Ratan Agarwala on Google: https://g.page/dr-neal-ratan-agarwala?gm
Dr Neal Ratan on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/nealratan
Contact no: +91-9231598225″

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  1. He is also selected for International ISSN Break-Through Research Award for his research on Asthma.

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