Dr. Phillip Clingan

“Dr. Clingan is an associate faculty member of the Department of Criminal Justice and Psychology of the Faculty of Pierce College, Washington State, and Franklin University, Columbus Ohio, and a Content Expert for the Grand Canyon University Doctoral Studies Programs. He undertook his Psy.D in the Department of Psychology in the School of Organizational Leadership at the University of Arizona, Global Campus, United States. Dr. Clingan specializes in preeminent psychology/cognitive behaviors within the field of criminology. He lectures in the field of psychology and criminology. His psychology work is influenced based on the theoretical frameworks of Dr. Paul Ekman and measuring nonverbal communication and cognitive behaviors of criminal offenders.

RESEARCH INTEREST. Dr. Clingan is interested in quantitative and qualitative methodologies and test and measurements of nonverbal communication. He also is keen on cognitive behaviors relating to micro-facial expressions influenced by discourse language research, especially criminal trial research during the Voir-Dire process. He has conducted the only quantitative descriptive comparative study during a live criminal trial (the Washington States most Wanted) in the field of psychology research to the education of psychology based on the study of emotions and theories of Dr. Paul Ekman

Google Scholar: shorturl.at/xBCL2

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