Mount Etna is erupting and astronauts are watching it from space

The Sicilian volcano is ‘smoking’ and ‘spitting lava,’ one astronaut reports.


The majestic Mount Etna is erupting so strongly in the Mediterranean that it’s catching the attention of the International Space Station crew.

Members of Expedition 66 currently in orbit shared some views of space of the highly active volcano, which has erupted dozens of times in the past year alone.

“@astro_luca’s home volcano #Etna is clearly smoking (and spitting lava as I learnt from the news) 🌋,” wrote European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer on Saturday (Feb. 12), referring to fellow ESA spaceflyer Luca Parmitano, who is from Italy.

Volcanic plumes can reach very high altitudes and can potentially impact air traffic, while sulfur dioxide closer to the ground can irritate the human respiratory system and trigger asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Mount Etna is believed to be a submarine volcano that popped above sea level after several eruptions, due to solidified lava, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. The mountain has lava flows over its surface that date to as far back as 300,000 years ago.

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