Dr. C. Karthik Kumar

Myself Dr. C. Karthik Kumar and I have completed my Ph.D under the guidance of Dr. T.S. Shyju, in the department of chemistry, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India. As I am working on inorganic thin film based solar cells, I have chosen nitrides based thin film solar absorbers particularly II-IV-N2. We are also working on Iodide based thin films for supercapacitor applications. During my career, I have filed 1 indian patent, published 12 publications in various reputed International Journals and attended many national/international conferences, workshops and seminars. I had successfully completed a short term project at IIT-Mumbai through INUP program and also handled a technical session on RF/DC sputtering in the DBT sponsored short term training course on “Recent Trends in Thin film Development and their Applications in Biomedical and Biosensor Devices” during 12th-28th March, 2018.

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