SWARNAV MAJUMDER is a B.Sc.(Honours) in Physics, 1st year Student of Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College at Kolkata, West Bengal, in India. He has been felicitated by International Society for Scientific Network (ISSN) Awards for International Best Researcher Award in Mathematics, born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. SWARNAV MAJUMDER IS DOING RESEARCH ON PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS FROM A VERY YOUNG AGE. HE HAS MANY RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHED IN THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS. THE YOUNG SCIENTIST WAS BORN ON 12th OCTOBER, 2003. HE WAS SERIOUSLY ATTACKED BY PERICARDIAL EFFUSION IN THE YEAR 2019 AT THE AGE OF SIXTEEN. HE RAN A HIGH FEVER FOR CONTINUOUS 63 DAYS. HIS SOME INVENTIONS ARE WAVE COLLISION AND LAWS OF COLLISION, THEORY OF EQUABILITY, PERMUTATION SERIES AND COMBINATION SERIES, ETC. HIS INVENTIONS HAS IMPACTED A LOT IN VARIOUS RESEARCH FIELDS. HE PUBLISHED HIS FIRST PAPER, “PERMUTATION SERIES AND COMBINATION SERIES” IN INDIAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS RESEARCH. HE HAS DONE A REMARKABLE RESEARCH IN WAVE MECHANICS AND COLLISION MECHANICS. He changed our ideas about wave collisions, while working as a student in school he came up with new equations and formulas which will leads to all sorts of inventions further. He has published many books on physics and mathematics. He is a very enthusiastic and inquisitive student of physics. Besides his research works, he is very affectionate to playing football and in leisure, he likes to read biographies on great people. He is always habituated to respect all ages, and respectful to his parents and teachers. He believes in self incarnation and self believe. He follows the path of truth, integrity and hard work. His famous quote is “It doesn’t matter what you are, but it matters what you be”. He is a very dedicated student of Physics and will also contribute further in the literature of the subject. He dreams of becoming one of the recognizable renowned physicists and also to further research in this field.

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