Abul Kalam Azad

Abul Kalam Azad is a dedicated and talented IT professional with over 16 years of experience who is well-versed in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS R12), RDBMS and Software Development, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE12C_12., Infrastructure and Application. Whose work is focused on industrial automation and digitalization of bangladesh. In parallel, he is involved in doing research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering with personal interest. He has completed his B.Sc Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2004 from a Engineering University of Bangladesh named Khulna University of Engineering and Technology , (KUET). As a professional he is motivated, diligent and creative in works and possess the requisite aptitude as well as intellectual capabilities for accomplishing any job related to information technology. As a Student he is equal better in CGPA with best 44 students out of 52. Highest CGPA: 3.75. He was regular in his classes and good learner and hearer. There is nothing on record against his character or organization discipline. He is best in execution of no fearing. In the period of his college and school education, he was well dreamer and very toil giver and patience keeper to reach the goal. He is very much attracted by physics of universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets and stars and the creator and creation of the universe. He is very believing in one creator. In personal life he is very cool, honest and sincere to his family. He is married and father of one child of 8 years old girl kid. He also participated on social work on requirement. He has grown up in Bangladesh and passes his boyhood in Tangail Town of Tangail District. He is growing by dint of education supported by his parents. His mother is a house wife and his father is a little business holder. He passes a very struggling life. In his total working life, he has spent large time in a company of Electrical and Electronics Industries named Walton Group in Bangladesh for the development of the country. His research title and publications are very attractive and effective to solve the problem of Human kind. He wants to achieve more higher degree on his area of education and take part in more research for the development of the technology of the current world.

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