Dr. Pasham Nithish Reddy

Dr. P. Nithish Reddy obtained his doctorate from IIT Roorkee and Masters from IIT Hyderabad. His area of specialization includes Energy, CFD, Hypersonic flows, Numerical Heat transfer, Nano fluids, Magnetohydrodynamic(MHD), DDC. He has submitted his Ph.D thesis at the age of 26 and having several SCI international research publications on his name. He has expertise in Fluid dynamics related solvers, FVM&FDM and guides students in Heat transfer and Aerospace related projects. Dr. Reddy teaching expertise includes Thermodynamics, Applied Thermodynamics, Heat transfer at graduate level and Advanced Thermodynamics, Advanced Heat and mass transfer at PG level. He has experience of working on several CFD&HT related projects. He is highly resourceful in executing projects, domain related inputs & Skills and has several achievements at national and international level.

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