Dr. Pratibha Bhagavanrao Mane

Personal Information
1. Name Dr. Pratibha Bhagavanrao Mane
2. Affiliation Department of Environmental Science,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur-416 004, Maharashtra, India
3. Designation Scientist
4. Highest Degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
4. E-mail pratibhabm263@gmail.com
5. Mobile No. +91 9890455903

Pratibha B. Mane has her expertise in vertical distribution of atmospheric aerosols in association with different types of natural activities (such as meteor activities, twilight airglow, volcanic eruptions, dust storms, cloud formation etc.) as well as anthropogenic activities.
She has developed the instrument ‘Twilight Photometer’ after years of experience in research to study variations in Aerosol Number Density (AND) in connection with different weather parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, different types of clouds etc.

Professional Experience:
Academic & Scientific Activities at Shivaji University Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
I. DST Women Scientist
II. SERB Young Scientist
III. V. C. appointed Scientist at Space Research Center
IV. Teaching Assistant

Instruments newly designed, developed and installed:
I. Mini-spectrometer, 1996
II. Fast Pre-Amplifier, 2007
III. Semiautomatic twilight photometer, 2008
IV. Automatic twilight photometer, 2014.
V. Multi-Wavelength Twilight Photometer, 2021

Membership of International / National Scientific Professional Bodies:
I. Honorary Member, Indian Women Scientists Association(IWSA)
II. Life Member, Indian Meteorological Society (IMS)
III. Life Member, Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association (IASTA)
IV. Life Member, Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS)
V. Member, Amateur Astronomy Club, Rajaram College, Kolhapur, MS, India.
VI. Member, Akash Darshan Mandal, Kolhapur, MS, India.
Academic Achievements / Publications:
Patent: Indian Patent
Patent No. 201721001946
Title: “Ground-based photometric system for evaluating vertical distribution of atmospheric aerosols”

Editorial Board Member:
International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science(IJASS)
ISSN Print: 2376-7014; ISSN Online: 2376-7022

Research Papers Published: Total 21

Conference presentations: Total 33
a. International conferences: 21
b. National conferences: 12
Project Implemented:
I. Name of funding agency: Science & Engineering Research Board, Government of India
II. Title: To examine the association between vertical distribution of Aerosol Number Density and weather conditions, using the twilight sounding method.
III. Subject area: Atmospheric Sciences (Aerosol science)
IV. Years of implementation: August, 2013- October,2016
V. Project funding amount: Rs. 27, 80,0000/-
Project Ongoing:
I. Name of funding agency: Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
II. Title: Studies on day-to-day variability of vertical distribution of atmospheric aerosols using Automatic Twilight Photometer.
III. Subject area: Atmospheric Sciences (Aerosol science)
IV. Years of implementation: August, 2019- Till date
V. Project funding amount: Rs. 36, 25,000/-

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