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Category: Physical and Tech

These weird, thin ice crystals are springy and bendy

Scientists grew nearly defect-free fibers of frozen water with counterintuitive properties. Try to bend an icicle and it’ll snap in two. With its tendency to crack into shards, ice’s reputation for being stiff and brittle seems well-established. But thin, pristine threads of ice are bendy and elastic, scientists report in the July 9 Science. To […]

5G promises new energy savings for digital tech

Some of that savings will come from new opportunities made possible by this technology. Almost all apps and programs on wireless devices today communicate constantly with the internet. They pull the images, videos and other files you want from distant data centers. Apps and programs that use cloud computing do their processing at these data […]

Tracking Santa with science

Satellites, radar and fighter jets keep track of St. Nick. When Santa Claus takes off on Christmas Eve, he won’t be doing it in secret. Millions of children around the world will be waiting. And the North American Aerospace Defense Command (or NORAD) will be watching too. This military organization will be sending information to […]

Why Social Media Makes Us More Polarized and How to Fix It

Research shows it’s the influencers, not the networks themselves, that amplify differences between us Every time I log onto Facebook, I brace myself. My newsfeed—like everyone else’s I know—is filled with friends, relatives and acquaintances arguing about COVID-19, masks and Trump. Facebook has become a battleground among partisan “echo chambers.” But what is it about […]