Did the first civilization arise in Mesopotamia, or elsewhere? Countless civilizations have risen and fallen over the millennia. But which one is the oldest on record? About 30 years ago, this question seemed to have a straightforward answer. Around 4000 B.C., the earliest phase of the Sumerian culture arose asContinue Reading

It gets a “bath,” among other things. Our brains are complex and elaborate. They contain billions of neurons, don’t fully form until we reach age 25(opens in new tab), and can generate around 25 watts of power(opens in new tab) — enough to illuminate a light bulb. Scientists are constantlyContinue Reading

The discoveries hint that humans occupied the region longer than locals thought. Archaeological treasures, including Stone Age pottery and medieval graves with swords and jewelry, have revealed a long history of human habitation near the Danube River in Germany. At the site, in the Geisingen-Gutmadingen district of Tuttlingen, in southwesternContinue Reading