“I have completed my M.Sc ( Ag) In Seed Science and Technology from Acharya n.G.Ranga Agricultural University during 1991-1993 and Ph.D in Seed Science and Technology from GKVK,UAS, Banglore during 1998-2003 and joined as Assistant Pofessor in ANGRAU during 2006 in Rice Breeding. At present i am working as Senior Scientist in Rice Breeding at RARS,Nandyal , ANGRAU and working for both Varietal and Hybrid rice developmental programmes.
As a part of varietal develoment programme i have developed a rice variety named NDLR 7 ( Nandyal Sona)(2009-2016)which is notified in 2018 (399 E on 24.1.2018) as a replacement to BPT 5204 (Samba Mashoori). At present this variety occupied an area of 1,00,000 acres in Andhra Pradesh and countable areas in parts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
In hybrid rice breeding programme (2018-2020) , identified 21 hybrids for the maintainer reaction and they are now in back cross breeding programme for development of station / local male sterile i.e CMS (A) lines. Out of 21, five lines shown maintainer reaction with the variety developed NDLR-7 ( Nandyal sona). As NDLR -7 is still finer than bPT 5204 with all other grain qualities as that of BPT 5204 with short duration and tolerance to pests and diseases , there is a chance of getting fine rice hybrids in near future which is the need of the hour.
I have published 21 research articles and attended 11 national and internationa conferences/ seminars in which papers are presented.

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